How It All Started
Our founder, Lucy, went shoe shopping but couldn't find a pair that fit. We've all been there, looking for that perfect pair of shoes for our new outfit and five pairs in a row don't fit... ugh... why don't they fit? You try on the next pair, success! They fit! But, the color just isn't right for the outfit you wanted to wear. Frustration is growing inside of you, you just want to go home and wear your new shoes with your new outfit!

Lucy, took a much needed break from this shopping ordeal and ordered a grande mocha light with two pumps from Starbucks. It dawned on her, why could she choose from over 87,000 customized combinations for that perfect comforting sip of coffee but couldn't easily find a pair of shoes that FIT and have STYLE? It was time to reinvent what we expect from our shoes.

Woah - Shoes Are Made THAT Way?
Custom sized shoes seemed easy enough, until Lucy found out 95% of shoes sold in the USA are made overseas and the average shoe has 100 pairs of human hands touch them on assembly lines. The assembly line approach means volumes are important and standard sizes are set, so a custom shoe for 1 person just can’t do anything the same as today.
And the materials and process used is BAD for the environment. Think about the last time you recycled a pair of shoes? Because the most common materials used don’t degrade for over 1,000 years!!!

Feetz Was Born
So, Feetz was born and went on a two year journey to find experts across the globe to build a new way to make shoes - using the traditional custom fitting we have from Italian cobblers to edgy styles from New York Fashion Designers to amazing software and manufacturing technology from Silicon Valley engineers.

We’ve made it possible to use your smartphone to get custom fitting in minutes, 3D printers to make customized shoes in hours, and materials that are sourced with sustainability and comfort in mind first. In fact we create a 60% lower carbon footprint in our shoes to traditional methods - and can take your shoes back to recycle them. Now that’s athe kind of footprint we want to leave future generations.

7 Billion Sizes
Now it's time to step into the future with us and get what you deserve... shoes that fit!
We’re proud to offer the most advanced fit in the world with 7 Billion Sizes, one for Every ONE in the world.

The Digital Cobbler