What does Feetz do?
Feetz has built the future of footwear - instead of shoes made for anyone and everyone - we've built an entire new model of mass manufacturing. Making shoes unique to the most important person, the one wearing them: you. Every pair of shoes is custom fit to your measurements and preferences from a smartphone app, then digitally cobbled.

How can I buy Feetz Shoes?
Ordering your Feetz shoes is easy! First, complete the checkout process for the style and color shoe you want. Then download our mobile app and follow the instructions to get your unique SizeMe code. Lastly, you will receive instructions on how to submit your SizeMe code in your order confirmation email. That's it!

What Type Of Shoes Do You Offer?
We have a dream to make every type of shoe you can imagine wearing. However, we start from the basis that we all need shoes we can wear to work and play in everyday with comfort and style. So casual styles with clean lines and a futuristic twist are what we offer now.

How Are The Shoes Made?
All our shoes are made by real people and smart robots (who we name and treat like humans. They even go on Friday night dates) in our manufacturing facility in San Diego, CA. We combine the art of skilled craftsmen with the advanced science of software algorithms so that every pair is unique.

What Sizes Do You Offer?
We offer seven billion sizes, one for everyone in the world. Every person has unique shaped and sized feet. Instead of "walking a mile in someone else's shoes" we believe you need to walk a mile in your own shoes. We call this unique system of sizing "SizeMe" because you never need to remember if you are a Size 7 or 44 or XX wide again. So if you have narrow, wide or different sized feet - the answer is "yes we can make your size."

How Do You Get My Measurements?
We have a smartphone app available in the US and in Europe that will guide you through taking three photos of each foot. Follow the instructions and voila, in minutes you will see a 3D model of each foot. We take over 30 measurements from each foot to get the sizes that matter - not just the length. That's why your shoes are truly unique to only you.

Can You Solve My Medical Footwear Needs?
We'd love to, but we are not medical professionals and can't offer the specific expertise and training that your provider can. We want you to have happy, healthy feet and focus on shoes that fit the shape, size and comfort of your feet. Please consult your provider if Feetz shoes would be appropriate for your needs first.

What Materials Are Used In The Shoes?
We use footwear derived materials sourced to be environmentally friendly. There is no animal based material. We instead use rubber and plastic based material. But worry not, they are durable and recyclable. In fact, we want you to send the shoes back when it's time to refresh your wardrobe. We'll take care of recycling them, and give you a nice discount on your next pair!

How Does Feetz Help The Environment?
We are a made ­to ­order manufacturing company, so we only make shoes when they are sold. No more, no less. With additive manufacturing (aka 3D printing), we only use the exact amount of material necessary to make your custom shoes. We are eliminating the waste associated with modern footwear manufacturing because we do not have excess scraps from cutting out shoes from materials.

How Long Will My Shoes Take To Make?
We've built magic robots that can make pairs of shoes in hours and not days or months like your alternative custom options. The magic robots need human hands along the way as well as the mail to get the shoes to your door, so we promise the shoes to you in under 2 weeks after receiving your SizeMe code.

Do You Ship Anywhere In The World?
No. We currently offer delivery in the USA, but will be looking to expand later this year to other locations. Tell us where you are so we can choose your country next!

Are Feetz Made In The USA Only?
Feetz is currently manufacturing in the US with American­ made materials, technologies, and labor because we take pride in what our team can accomplish with the resources available here. We also want to change the status that 95% of shoes sold in the USA are made abroad - wasting so much emissions and costs in shipping containers. So we'll look to have future locations closer to our international customers.

What If The Shoes Don't Fit?
Our shoes are made just for you and we strive to make these the best shoes you've ever worn. Alas, there is times we don't get things right that will matter to you. Or there could be an error in the data we collected. Or it could be Friday the 13th.
If you are unhappy, contact us and we'll make you a new pair with your feedback. What other shoe brand can offer that?

Can I Have A Refund?
Yes. We want to ensure you are happy with the service and shoes we offer. But understand sometimes we might not be right for you and offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

How Can I Contact You?
We love to hear your ideas, suggestions, and feedback. Email us at info@feetz.com

Gift Card Policy:
Use of card constitutes acceptance of the following terms and conditions: Feetz is not responsible for lost or stolen cards. Card should be treated as cash. Card cannot be redeemed for cash. Card value is in currency identified on the card. Gift cards are subject to the expiration date, if any, set forth on the face of the card, except where prohibited by applicable law. Feetz makes no warranty regarding any good or service you may receive in connection with you use of this card. Feetz assumes no responsibility and shall not be liable for any injury, loss, or damage of any type or nature, which arises out of your use of card. The total value of the card must be redeemed at once. Redeemable online at Feetz.com. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.x

How Durable are Your Shoes?
Feetz shoes are casual walking shoes that provides up to 500 miles of comfort for your daily steps. When they've stopped their life with you, we'll give you a discount to recycle them for a new pair.