Why We Do This?
Our founder, Lucy, went shoe shopping but couldn't find a pair that fit. We've all been there, looking for that perfect pair of shoes for our new outfit and five pairs in a row don't fit... ugh... why don't they fit? You try on the next pair, success! They fit! But, the color just isn't right for the outfit you wanted to wear. Frustration is growing inside of you, you just want to go home and wear your new shoes with your new outfit!

Lucy, took a much needed break from this shopping ordeal and ordered a grande mocha light with two pumps from Starbucks. It dawned on her, why could she choose from over 87,000 customized combinations for that perfect comforting sip of coffee but couldn't easily find a pair of shoes that FIT and have STYLE? It was time to reinvent what we expect from our shoes.

Feetz Was Born
Feetz was born and went on a two year journey to build the technology to make custom fit shoes for every person a reality. We've brought in experts across the globe from New York fashion designers to Italian shoe cobblers.
We built amazing new technology from 3D printers to make shoes in hours, designed software to custom fit our shoe designs to your feet, and we are using materials that are good for you and the planet.
Now it's time to step into the future with us and get what you deserve... shoes that fit!

The Digital Cobbler