Your Custom Size - SizeMe ID 20PIPG

Welcome Roberta

You were selected to be in the Feetz 100 - a select group of the FIRST people in the world to be able to get your feet in a pair of Feetz custom shoes.


Your Foot Data

From the information you provided and the photos from the smartphone app, we have combined over 30 measurements from each foot and your preferences to get your custom size, SizeMe.
We've created this personal video showing you how we get from your photos to your unique SizeMe using our super secret technology, so you can trust we got your feet covered.
We love how beautiful and unique your feet are!


What's Next?

Design, Style, and Buy your SizeMe shoes


This link below take you to a Feetz 100 section of our website, that you can only order from because you have been invited.
Take your time to design your shoe, but not too much. We have a long waiting list and so this invite only lasts for 3 days before we select another great person from our waiting list.
So please, buy now if you'd like your custom pair of shoes, before it's too late.
We're ready when you are to start designing your SizeMe shoes....



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