The Feetz 100

Welcome to The Feetz 100! The very first 3D printed shoes available in the world that are custom fit to you!
We're celebrating these are the first, the best, the most celebrated of a new revolution in how you buy shoes. So we are making it a chance for you to buy a pair of the Feetz 100 shoes.
We ask you tell us "What these shoes will do for you" in the entry form below and we'll randomly select people weekly to be part of the Feetz 100 starting Feb 15th for the next 8 weeks. Shoes are made weekly and delivered to those lucky 100 customers to enjoy their shoes and share their stories.


April 2016: Sarah gets a sneak peek here of Feetz shoes and tells us what it's like to see, touch, and even smell a pair...
May 2016: Sarah reviews her very own SizeMe shoes and what it's like to wear them around the busy streets of NYC. 



Terms & Conditions

1. Feetz will be offering 100 pairs of our Women's style shoes available from Feb 15th through March 31st. Men - you are not forgotten - men's style arrives this summer.

2. Randomly selected customers will provide their footwear sizing details through using our smartphone app and their shoe comfort preferences. This selection does not bind a customer to buying a pair of shoes.

3. Every week, new Feetz 100 customers will be offered the opportunity to customize their shoes in different styles and color options for personal preferences. The price of the shoes are $199 + taxes and shipping.

4. Feetz is only offering these shoes to customers located in the USA at this point.

5. Further questions? Send us an email to


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