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Feetz is transforming the way people buy shoes by using 3D printing technology to create shoes that are completely customized to fit your feet. No more breaking in, no more blisters— just stylish, custom fit shoes made from 100% sustainable materials and 100% made in the USA.


How Do I Get My SizeMe™ Shoes?

We are a custom shoe cobbler and make every shoe unique to our customers.
So it takes a bit more time than just pressing a "Buy" button on a website. But way less time then a tailor or a wedding dress where you have to come in person for several fittings.
Instead you can get sized and measured at home. That's why we call ourselves the The Digital Cobbler.


5 Simple Steps to a SizeMe™  Shoe

  1. Sign Up Here and Share A Bit About Yourself
  2. Download the Feetz app (Available on iOS and Android in 10 countries)
  3. Take Three Quick Pics of Each of Your Feet
  4. Tell us How You Like Your Shoes to Fit
  5. Choose your Shoe Style & Colors and Order your Feetz for $199
We make the shoes and deliver them to you within 2 weeks - that's fast and easy for you so you can focus on Getting Walking Your Feetz.


SizeMe™ Guarantee 

We pride ourselves to make you shoes that you love to wear, but it might not be a fit for everyone. So we offer the ability to remake your shoes with your feedback and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. No extra stress for you, just wiggle your toes in delight with us.


The Feetz Firsts - Sign Up Here 

We make custom shoes so instead of us having thousands of shoes sitting on a shelf - we make them one at a time. We ask you sign up here and we'll contact you when we are ready to make your shoes. Our team of humans and 3d printer robots are ramping up fast.



Terms & Conditions

1. Feetz makes custom fit shoes, however these are not medical shoes and if you have a medical condition, we ask you work with a specialist to ensure you get the footwear you need.

2. Feetz is only offering these shoes to customers located in the USA at this point.

3. Feetz currently offers Women's style shoes priced at $199. Men's shoes will be available late Summer 2016.

3. Further questions? Send us an email to info@feetz.com


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